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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our insulation products set forth a modernized and unblemished gaze to the premises and guarantee the perfect quality-cost balance.

Our Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of Insul Zone defines the way of collecting information during your presence and working on its website and processing the provided information. Insul Zone believes in strict protection of private information given either voluntarily or as a part of requirements. The information provided by our customers is collected and processed only by the given policy and rules, as there are no hidden clauses.

Insul Zone keeps updating and publishing its privacy policy in accordance with the circumstances. All customers are encouraged to keep visiting privacy policy to keep themselves content with the excellent protection of their information. The given policy is effective from 09 June, 2021

Our Data Processing Policy

We collect your information solely to provide you a better service. Moreover, we use this information for record-keeping, to improve our products and services in accordance with your feedback, to make you aware of our newer and better products, to make you aware of our promotions, to upgrade our website according to your needs and choices, and other commercial purposes run by Insul Zone .

Information Protection

We put the most effective efforts into protecting your information. We apply all possible physical, managerial and electronic resources to protect your data and obviate any unauthorized access or disclosure of the stored information.

Cookie Policy

We use cookies only with your consent to learn your preferences about the products. Some of our cookies are mandatory. However, most of them are optional, and you may avoid them by setting up your browser. The cookie deployment is solely for learning your interests and preferences about particular products.

We use the collected information to improve our products and services, customize our website and learn the market needs. After getting this information, we permanently remove the data collected by cookies

Associate Websites

While using our website, you may find links to other websites that may interest you. You may click the link and visit that website. However, when you leave our website and move to the other website, our control is obstructed, and the other website may collect your information. We ensure the safety of your data collected only by our website. We do not claim any responsibility for the security or protection of your information collected by the other website.

You may write us to get your stored information in our database in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. It may require a small fee. To get a copy of your information from our database, please write us at

If you notice any breach of privacy of your data, tempering with your data, or mistake in your data, please write us as soon as possible at We will take corrective actions at once.